Unlocking the Power of Business Intelligence Dashboards

Business intelligence dashboards are an analysis tool that uses data from multiple sources on a single screen. Learn about external BI dashboards, analytical panels, operational panels & more.

Unlocking the Power of Business Intelligence Dashboards

Business intelligence dashboards are a powerful tool for companies to track key performance metrics and optimize processes to achieve their objectives. They provide a comprehensive overview of the data that is essential for making informed decisions and solving problems. External BI dashboards are a type of business intelligence dashboard that presents data to external users through a web page. This data can come from a variety of sources, such as media outlets, social media platforms, and other companies.

Analytical panels offer end users the ability to drill down into the details of their data and allow them to analyze the root cause. They are typically used by business analysts and line management, as they include more contextual data, comparative analysis, and historical trends than other types. Analytical panels are useful for manually analyzing changes, although the detection of information depends on the user's skill level. They also support additional advanced analytical capabilities, such as automated business monitoring and augmented analysis.

BI panels organize data in a coherent way and reduce any possible clutter that may arise when working with complex sets of information. They also enable users to apply advanced intelligence tools to their various strategies. Operational panels offer end users the ability to monitor specific day-to-day activities, events or business processes in which data is constantly changing. Business intelligence dashboards are extremely beneficial to users, providing them with information that can help them make decisions and solve problems.

With the rise of self-service BI tools, the number of internal and external sources from which companies collect their data is increasing. Also known as executive dashboards, they provide an “at a glance” overview of the metrics that users need to monitor business performance. Its role is based on the needs and desires of real life, which means that it understands the complex and countless requirements of the business function, from operational to strategic, from management to marketing, and offers the corresponding support. We have addressed vital elements of business intelligence best practices for panel design and, in many ways, the selection of visualizations is an extension of these methods.

Business dashboards offer a great opportunity to increase your company's productivity, which in turn improves your business performance. Storytelling is an effective good practice for any company, regardless of industry or sector, so use it to your advantage. A BI dashboard is an essential strategic business intelligence (BI) mechanism in the digital age. Business intelligence dashboards help business users make the right decisions by visualizing critical data in a single view.

And not just common graphs and tables, but also interactive reports that visualize every step of a business process, predict results and provide business users with practical and instant information.